The Circuit Team







Revd Steve Bennett

 01278 784808


Brean, Burnham on Sea, East Brent, Brent    Knoll,

West Huntspill


Revd Angela Hoare

  01934 624091

Uphill, Victoria, Milton, Church Road,

LEPs:  St Andrew's (Bournville), Locking Castle


 Deacon Gary Hoare

  01934 624091

 Circuit Projects





Revd Karen Murphy


 Minister in other appointment (Weston Hospice)





 LEP Clergy

 Revd Tom Yacomeni


 Locking Castle


 Revd Tim Erridge


 St Andrew's Bournville





 Circuit Stewards





Senior Steward

 Rosemary Krull



Burnham on Sea, Brean, East Brent


  John Trebble


 Milton, Brent Knoll, St Andrews


 David Jordon


 West Huntspill, Locking Castle, Uphill


 Paul Gregory


 Victoria, Church Road, 





 Circuit Treasurer

 John Trebble



 Circuit Book-keeper




 Circuit Administrator







Registered Charity:  WESTON-SUPER-MARE AND BURNHAM-ON-SEA METHODIST CIRCUIT.     Charity Number 1164765